I help people to live their dream lives.  I help them to be happier, healthier and wealthier.  And I help with the wealthier part by helping them to start and grow a profitable online business.

There are many different ways that you can generate an online income.  What I help my clients with is understanding the 5 steps that all successful online entrepreneurs have all used to launch and maintain their success.

Step 1 is mindset. THE most important piece of the success puzzle is do you have the proper mindset? And at the risk of sounding harsh, most likely you don't. For if you did you'd be off creating success for yourself and not searching for it. No worries, I can help you create your own 'millionaire mindset'.

Step 2 is traffic. All businesses require traffic through their front door to be successful. Regardless if you are a brick and mortar location or an online location, you will live or die by how much traffic you can generate. Most people, when starting out fear this part of the puzzle. You can start off using organic (free) or paid (not-free) traffic. This is entirely up to you. But understand that while there are a number of very successful individuals out there that have built decent businesses with organic traffic, it's the slow road to take. If you can afford to pay for your traffic, you can build a giant success very, very quickly.

Step 3 is having a capture page that converts. You want, no need, to capture the email of as many visitors to your pages as you possibly can. Building your list will generate the most important asset of your business.  And having a capture page that converts eyeballs to leads is a very, very important part of your business. 

Step 4 is having an irresistible offer that our target audience needs.  Most people when first starting an online business go the affiliate route. This is where you sell a program/product/service of a 3rd party. Usually you will earn a commission on the front-end sell. Going the affiliate route is the easiest way to get started because you don't have to bother with building out your own program, product, or service.  Going this route also frees you up to concentrate on the 4 other steps first.

Step 5 is follow up. It's this step where most people fall flat on their face and when they do they point fingers in all directions and not take ownership of their own failure.  It's easy to generate traffic. It's easy to convert that traffic into leads. Find the right offer and you'll makes sales. But the hard part is being an active communicator with your list. For it's in the follow up where you will find the real gold.

Did you know that in many countries around the world, the US poverty level of income is a king's ransom to many?

But what keeps you from having not just wealth but your dream life?

Yes, not having enough money is an issue, but it's more than that. It's what's called the success mindset.

It's funny when you stop and think about it. School in the country teaches us the 3 r's - reading, writing, and arithmetic. What's not taught and it should be, is mindset.

Go through time and examine the lives of all the great men and women and what you find is that they all possessed a belief system that they simply could not fail.

Having the proper mindset is key to having your dream life.  I'm not talking about visualizing a goal every now and then.  I'm talking about living, breathing it.  If you have someone in your circle of family and friends who don't believe in you, remove them from you

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