Are You Truly Healthy?

If Not, Why Not?

You don't need to be 'ripped' to be healthy.

Nor do you need to be running marathons and such (running is the most harmful exercise you can do).

You just have to get up and move.  Literally 30 minutes of walking is a great start to reclaiming your shape.

But health isn't just defined by your exercise routine.

Nor is it defined by your diet. Today, the Standard American Diet (SAD - which says a lot doesn't it?) is literally killing us.

We have lost our way regarding our modern diet. We humans were designed and evolved to consume specific foods. Today processed foods make up the majority of our diet. Foods that mother nature didn't provide us.  

But it's not just our diet that's causing problems.  There is also this chemical rain shower that we exist in today.  There are 80,000+ chemicals found in our environment today.  Only 1,300 have ever been tested for human safety. 

Yet many chemicals that are now banned today, existed for years as an acceptable

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